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Navanita Medhi

Let the 'Diya' keep burning -

It carries light - 

the light of happiness,

the light that signifies goodness,

instills a feeling of joy and contentment.

Let the 'Diya' keep burning -

It brings brightness - 

that illuminates

the path before us,

provides a feeling of strength and encouragement.

Let not the 'Diya' go out.

Then the darkness 

will enter our world - 

with it's obscurity,

a feeling of fear, ignorance and pain,

that prevents our prosperity.

Let not the evil make way

into our mind - 

with the sombre colour of darkness.

Let the 'Diya' keep burning -

to see everything 

clear and fine,

with it's light and brightness,

to give us 

a meaningful life.



Poet Navanita Medhi

teaches political science and is a contest winner

organised by the Asom Lekhika Samaroh Samiti

way back in 1992. She lives in Guwahati.

[ Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in our Blog are those of the author(s) / poet(s) and do not

necessarily reflect the opinions of the Publisher. ]


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