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A clarion call

Rakhee Pathak

Photo: Daniele Levis Pelusi

Wuhan or Covid whatever you are

For all Humans you are definitely an eye-opener

You invaded them as no other pandemic has

Softly, gradually, invisibly yet brash.

A tiny soul like you has forced upon the meaning of existence

To Humanity, who were so confident of their sustenance

Your guardian and nurturer refuse to own you

Because you don’t follow any commandments or punctilio

You existence may be very trivial and minute

Yet Humankind cannot pass over but salute

Introspection's ensued from your silent appearance

Purpose of life, almost faded to ignorance

Nature has its way of overhauling the environs

Clearly, you are the vehicle to fulfill that concern

Preparing to Begin Again,

Humanity need to be committed

To leave Nature to itself,

because it is always self-regulated.



Poet Rakhee Pathak

lives in Mumbai

[ Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in our Blog are those of the author(s) / poet(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Publisher. ]


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