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A God fearing Woman

Freedyboy Majaw

Photo: M K Sarma

There was a family and they lost their father, so the mother had to take care of her six sons and four daughters all by herself.

Being a single parent looking after her ten children, she was literally the backbone of the family. They lived a life without sufficient money since the Lady of the House did not have a government job and she sustained livelihood by just being a tailor. They were Christian and they worshiped God every day.

Being very religious in nature, the mother prayed to God day and night and asked him for help so that she could support the whole family. As days passed by, God had listened to her prayers and blessed the family. All the Children could go to school and got good education. By the dint of their hard work of their Mother’s prayer, even though she herself was not educated but she understood the importance of education for her Children. With blessings, most of her children got jobs and they too followed the footprints of their mother and became God fearing too.

One day it so happened that the mother being a senior citizen also suffering from high blood pressure, called her daughters and informed them that half of her body was feeling numb and that she couldn’t speak properly. The children immediately took her to the hospital, got necessary medical tests done on their mother and found out that she had a mild pressure stroke and apparently, it was her last stage of life. The doctors suggested to the children and told them that, they should try to make her happy because she might last only for a couple of months more. They also opined that there is no use trying to treat her but only the heavenly father can heal her. The whole family was in tears but they could not tell their mother about her sickness. The just pretended that everything with her is fine and she will be all right soon. The family started praying to the almighty day and night because they had lost their father early in life and they did not wish to lose their mother too. So they prayed to God to heal their mother.

Seven months passed by but their mother was well and worked as normal as before. The family lived happily. Two years went by. One day their mother took them out for dinner. After returning home happily, they sat together and their mother told them, “My lovely children, please be good and love each other, I just feel like I’m not going to live long”. Shockingly, after four days she passed away and left the children, all in tears.

The children became orphans but they remember their mother every day and always live a happy life. They know that their heavenly father will guide and bless them.

This is a true story and this is my Family.



Freedyboy Majaw

loves to write poetry and

lives in Shillong

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