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A mind between illusion and reality

Nargis Yasmin

Dare to think beyond? Beyond the Reality of life Or into the deep inner voice... Someone called me, Shook me, let me heard "I’m awake, I’m still awake I’m there for you, To fight against the mighty warrior And I believed soon, I’m with myself and I’m here, yet alive . Getting out of bed and having morning tea I realised, Perhaps I’m the fittest to have survived

And I have been facing So many problems boldly... Is this year a curse or a boon? An illusion or the reality! I have lost my near and dear ones My own guidance, my father Almighty has taken him along To give the rest which he probably couldn't get in this world The world which was on the verge of extinction Words are less to express these feelings, But flow of lines let with mild gestures; Well naturally I have taken the lead With attitude and vibes so positive As responsibilities are there on my shoulders To live on one's feet being fully free . But few have understood their lives , A little had advantage over the lock down, A few passed the idle life gossiping around , Many life savers have misused the pandemic To gather wealth through unfair means , Some did try to snatch others lives While many others stole away others property. And yes!

A handful of good saviours and True friends came along on the way. I’m trying to write down verses But the songs of life would always be there Whether the earth exists or not; Mystical reality will not be far away.

At first, at the beginning of the pandemic

Continuous lock down made me think, Life is being locked along with its hopes and dreams. What would happen and where will we land up ,