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Baret Magarian

Words are bastions, sentinels, angels,

but they unleash demons when

lies bend reality,

turn truth to dogma, beat it like an anvil.

The age is one of cosmetic sheens,

the low blue glow of the computer screens…

If we could wash all words,

make language non-negotiable,

seal it, peel it, heal it,

would words deliver

utopia, the dream

of all wrongs righted, all peoples emancipated,

the suffering of the world stilled?

But – the future, the sudden darkness

that falls like a guillotine when madness rises.

A sound like seagulls keening themselves hoarse,

by a perpetually snarling sea.

And we grow wan and shrill

marooned in an alpine mind.

I peer within humanity and see

running deep down a current of dark.

Words impede and slow its motion,

but they cannot bring it to cessation.


Poet Baret Magarian was born in London and is of Armenian origin. He was educated at Durham and London Universities and has published: The Fabrications (Pleasure Boat Studio), Melting Point (Italian translation, Quarup), Mirror and Silhouette (Albion Beatnik Press) and Chattering with all my favourite Beasts (Italian and English, Ensemble). He has worked as a translator, musician, interviewer, journalist, book representative and in PR.


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