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Cadbury World

Dr. Srutimala Duara

We were in Birmingham with Dr. Karuna Sagar Das and his wife Rumee when we first heard about a place called Cadbury World. They had not been there, but had heard that it was a place worth visiting. I thought it would just be a factory where chocolates were being made and they would show us the technique of making chocolates. Initially I wondered if the entry fee of 14.50 pounds was worth spending, after all pounds are dear to us rupees people. Nevertheless, being a lover of chocolates, I decided to give it a go. And, don’t we all refer to chocolates as Cadbury as if all chocolates are Cadburys? We hardly think of it as a brand. So, why not find out about the famous brand that gave all chocolates its name? And I made the right decision, for I found out that Cadbury World is not just showing you how Cadbury is being made but a unique exhi