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Cessation of the Dream

Namrata Talukdar

Photo: Artem Maltsev

(The voice of the rape victim of the Hathras incident and uncountable other incidents in the country)

The wings got burned, charred to ashes

But I had things to settle, a life to nourish

I was dragged in the dark by the unknown

The venom that is oblivious to humanity

The other kind of human where emotions never flourish.

I have read, learned and captured treasured memoirs

Dying in the arms of loved ones, a fortunate thing to happen,

But I was deprived, injured and crushed so poor

They thrashed my soul and here it departed for heaven.

My dream to serve, to love and to nurture;

My dream to live in gratification;

My dream to see the smile,

And a dream of new beginnings

with my heart beating for a dear one.

All of those unfinished,

God this cessation was not expected

I heard the poison is out from the society, so am I

But who bothers, as the incomplete dreams,

Will wait till the next life,

The reason of the cessation of my dream is ambiguous still,

But who cares now, my dreams are abandoned for this life.

My only wish that my family on earth lives with strength

and never shed a tear,

But as I bid adieu, tears cannot be stopped,

My love cannot be snatched

And a day my dream will resurrect

and I will stay here forever.



Namrata Talukdar

works at Down Town University

and lives in Guwahati

[Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in our Blog are those of the author(s) / poet(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Publisher. Any reference to historical events, real people, or real places are used fictitiously. Names, characters, and places are products of the author(s) / poet(s) imagination and any resemblance to any such persons / events is merely coincidental.]


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