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Do you believe?

Madhumita Barua

Photo: Julia Joppien

Believe that you are the exploiter of your land;

The plunderer of the environment;

And bear the brunt of its wrath!

If you believe that, you cared only for yourself,

Oblivious of others - then be ready for the aftermath!

If you believe that you are the reason for the filth, dirt and pollution -

Then cry for every breath and beg the world to detox!

If you believe that you always wanted to conquer, divide and rule and destroy -

Then be the prisoner in your own home!

If you believe that you terrorized, tortured and killed -

Be ready for the demon of death!

If you believe, you forgot gratitude, nobility, modesty and respect -

Then await the poverty and anguish!

If you believe you turned stone deaf to the choking seas,

the bleeding forests, the howling animals -

Then choke in your self-created disaster!

If you believe you mastered in science and research,

Know that you were wallowing in wasted pride!

If you believe that, you are in control of the universe.

Accept the power from above as a reminder

Of how inconspicuous you are!

Believe that the world was heading for “disaster”

But it came sooner than expected!

The universe has blown the trumpet of ‘war’!

The only way now is to let your head down

In disgrace, regret, remorse, gratitude, penance

And a complete change over!



Madhumita Barua

lives in Kolkata

[ Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in our Blog are those of the author(s) / poet(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Publisher. ]


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