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Fascinating Majuli

Dr. Srutimala Duara

When we plan a holiday, most of the time we look out for exotic places, places that have historical interest, beauty, and if there is a waterfront it is an added attraction. Strangely, we often miss out the places that are in our state, perhaps thinking soon we will visit, no hurry as it is not very far. We keep postponing and it leaks out of our bucket list. One such place that had been on my list for long was Majuli, which is the largest river island of the world. I had been to Jorhat so many times, but wonder why the thought of crossing the river to Majuli never occurred. When my friend, Joyshree Das Verma suggested we could go to Majuli end December, I jumped at the chance. And on December 26, 2020 Joyshree, Prabidita and I set out for Majuli.