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Happy, Blessed and Contented - Glimpses of the Tokyo Olympics

Anmona Handique Mahanta

Amidst the pandemic wails, battling to contain the Covid, after a long wait the Tokyo Summer Olympics began on 23rd July, 2021. It was of course a silent celebration to welcome the best athletes on the planet and to see them perform at the auspicious sports event. In today’s episode of ‘My Sakura Tales’, I am penning down my experiences while sneaking into some of the few Olympic venues out here in Japan and where I could catch a few glimpse of live sport events held at the very heart of the Tokyo City.

The recent Covid surge had already ruined the hopes and dreams of people to watch live the beautiful grand ceremony of the Olympics and the entire events. And despite being in the host city, we all had to take our seats at home and sit in front of the television or laptop to watch the exciting matches. But luckily, we got to know that there were some places where the public could get a glimpse to watch from afar and enjoy a few of the live moments of the games. Thanks to my recent Vlogging as a hobby, that made me cover a few of the important venues and especially the venue where our very own daughter of Assam, Lovelina Borgohain was playing. It was really the most exciting moment of life when after miles and miles of walking and catching different train routes we found ourselves just in front of the venues.

So it was a week before when the Olympics was just about to set in. And on a scorching weekend, I and my husband had decided to make a quick tour to a few venues near us. The first venue we attempted was the Boxing Arena where Lovelina Borgohain and legendary Indian Boxer Mary Kom had their great matches. The heat was unbearable with the mercury set as high as 34 degree centigrade. And thanks to the evil Covid for reminding us to put on the mask despite such inflamed heat. It was some 30 mins away from our place and for that we took two trains and also walked for around 6 kms to reach the venue. Unaware of the venue’s entrance, we swarmed with security guards while complying