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How I wish

Aditee Kashyap

How I wish everything wouldn't be as it was now,

How I wish to experience those, I complained of before.

It seemed as if human progress was future after all,

No remedy was found, no hope was left.

How I wish the "busy life" was restored,

How I wish we weren't stranded in a place called 'home'.

The difficulties before, were realized as luxuries now,

The mess we created was now seen from afar.

Contrarily, I stepped out.

The sun, was brighter.

The grass, was greener.

The air, was fresher.

The debate finally arose,

Of the virulent situation;

Or whether it was at all, from the vantage-point.

The two sides of a coin, the perplexity of choice.

How I wish the brighter earth remained,

How I wish we roamed about freely again.

The balance was what I craved.

Oh, how I wish.



Poet Aditee Kashyap

lives in Shillong

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