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In our Hearts forever...

Aseto Zao

He's a man of distinguished humanity,

He's a man of individual, deeply focused,

He's a man with many acquaintances,

yet very small circle of friends,

He's a man of high status, with humble personality,

He's a man of dedication, always optimistic,

He's a man of prestige, yet very approachable,

He's a motivator, who led an inspiration to many hearts.

He's a man who accepts criticism, with brightest smile,

He's a man who accepts compliments, with a kindest heart.

He's a man, who was always true to himself and to the world.

He's a man, who fought the good fight alone,

against nepotism, criticism & rejections.

He's a man who lived a kindest & humblest life,

And Bollywood would never find another one like him.

The eternal repose of one distinguished humanity

will always be remembered.



Aseto Zao

is a singer and performer

and he lives in Dimapur, Nagaland

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