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Let’s move on

Pratibha Varma

Photograph by: Dave Poore

Let's move on to another box

Let's pack the dust and rain

Let's board the Time Machine

And depart once again.

Let’s promise we’ll not look back

Or climb down the restless wheel

I know the bags are empty

And we have lost the deal.

Let’s lodge our feet firm

And learn while we travel

The art of beating dead a streak

And bring alive a full circle.

Let’s burn the lurid base

And climb up to a sober top

Let’s strive to relocate

The Climax of Paradise Lost!

Let’s rest for one last time

Our intent to forgive

The shadow of the devil

But to never let it live.

Let's pledge as we start

To not stay any longer

Else we'll be trapped

In the crazy circus forever.

Let's hold our hands

While we find a spread of stars

Right under our feet

In fresh ambitious flowers.

Let's dream of sunshine

Pink In its prenatal,

To welcome us as we arrive

To make our dawns special!

Let's show the World

The handful that we brought

A journey of lifetime

On the hands of

A vintage clock.


Poet Pratibha Varma

lives in Dibrugarh,


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