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The Bumblebee

Zerine Wahid

As I set about to air my quilts

Readying to confront the winter wind

A bumblebee hovered right over me

Recalling how it has been so long

That a bumblebee had been in sight

I stood wondering about the solitary being

Minus it’s mate

Darting back and forth

My sudden presence might have set it off, I thought

Playing games of intimidation

It’s massive blackness tried to shoo me off

While this play of hunter and hunted

Saw me stand up to the challenge

Trying hard to calm a loudly beating heart

I too took up chase

As the pursuit went on and on

And taking it to the end was very much a resolve

The insect that I took for a menacing bumblebee

Turned out to be a muscular carpenter

Without a sting.


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