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The first Autograph

During my childhood, I always used to keep a pen with me. Whenever someone asked me the reason, I said that one day I will be a celebrity and will need it to sign my autograph. One of my aunts liked my words and she always liked to tell me this till I had grown up.

It was in the year 2009 when I was a final year medical student. I was invited to perform in a concert. I was never a singer but I simply participated in the Annual Day function of our university. There were selectors for the concert but I was unaware of it. I don't know why but they liked my voice. They had invited me to perform in the concert.

The concert was a great experience in my life. It's the "Alushta Day" in the city of Alushta in the Crimea state now in the Russian Federation. I was going to perform on the huge stage at the sea beach in front of a huge crowd and that was also solo. I went there with a few of my friends and my sister who wanted to see me perform and encourage me. There were performers from various countries but I was the lone Indian.

Well, the song I was going to sing was in Assamese. For the crowd there, it was an Indian song as they couldn't differentiate between Hindi and Assamese. The people present there thought that I was specially invited from India for the concert.

It was almost dark when the concert started. The lights on the stage were creating a festive mood in everyone's mind. The heavy music system was attracting more spectators. When I went to the stage, I was welcomed by huge claps. My performance was liked by all that was the song "Nohole Porichoi" from the popular Assamese movie called "Hiya Diya Niya" released during that time.

When I came down from the stage, I was escorted by the security so that no-one could disturb me. The media and reporters were waiting for me to take my bite. Definitely at such a moment everyone will feel like a celebrity. People were requesting me to have a photo with them. During that time two young aged Russian girls came to me and asked for my autograph. As they had no autograph book, they asked me to sign on their hands but in my mother tongue. I did as they had requested.

The very next day, I called my aunty and said that the childhood dream has been fulfilled.


Dr. Gitartha Roymedhi

is based at Guwahati, Assam, India

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