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The Silent Feelings

By Dr. Gitartha Roymedhi

It was a blessed day for my mom, dad and all those who loves me.  Three years back on this day, I was brought to the earth. There was a happy scene around.  I opened my eyes just like the other newborn babies to see the world. Like the other newborn babies, I too was welcomed by the beautiful smile of my father. After some time I was put on my mother’s chest just like any other baby and she hugged me softly with a smile again on her lips. We had so many  guests for few days and every guest greeted me with a smile and when they left, they all left happily. I, like other babies too, was cared with love and sweetness by all my loved ones.  I understood that just like all other babies, I am on the earth to make everyone smile and bring happiness.

But there was something that the world could not see. I was not like all the babies of my age. For my parents I came to their life as a divine blessing who had prayed for me a lot.  I was the answer for the prayers that my parents made to the almighty. My parents knew that I will be different even before I was born but they waited desperately for my arrival to their world. I was born as God’s special child whom God has gifted to a special couple. For them I came to their lives to fill their world with the colours of love and happiness.  Although I was different, my parents accepted me despite all unnatural conditions and assured me to gift a beautiful life just like all other babies of my age.

Yes, I am born different in this selfish world; boy my parents are out of this world! I am different and that is the reason I receive special care from my parents and well-wishers. When the other babies of my age had learned to sit, I was still lying on the cradle. I learned to sit when the other babies of my age had started crawling.  I started crawling when other babies of my age had learnt to stand.  Finally I learnt to stand when the other babies of my age were walking.  I feel so sad looking at the children of my age going to play schools. I have only my smile to express my feelings as I am still struggling to speak and talk like all others  of my age. Although I am of 3 years today, I am not what I was supposed to be.

But for my parents I am always the best and their world exists only in me. I am a slow learner but I have made my patents to learn to face the toughest hurdles in life. That is why, I am their inspiration. I am weaker than any other child of my age but I am the luckiest of all because God has blessed me with the opportunity to be on my parent’s arms for a longer period than any other babies of my age. My parents might need to face difficult times because of me but their love for me is unconditional. I am too fortunate like other babies of my age who is on the earth to enlighten someone’s life.

I am different but I am special. I am a differently able child. For my parents I can also compete every race in this world and can do much better than everyone other of my age.  When I was born, I was diagnosed with 'Down's Syndrome'.


Dr. Gitartha Roymedhi is the

Chief Operating Officer,

North East Cancer Hospital & Research Institute,

Guwahati, Assam


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