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The Sleep Musings

Anmona Handique Mahanta

You are my vein,

My forever precious company,

Who's will matters to start a day,

In the walks of a sane life journey,

You my antidote when my eyelids hurt,

When my mind goes heavy

to stay up

for any work,

You lay the paradise,

Where new dreams are born,

Unleashing them to explore

a whole new world,

You make me not afraid

when I am with you,

For my nerves are the calmest

to breathe with you,

You're the last refuge

yet the source of instant muse,

The only state where the mind stops

to murmur,

Just like the meditating hours

that ease any suffer,

You're my best mate,

of course,

like for any other species

on this round Earth,

Just be loyal whenever you are yearned

and needed the most!



Anmona Handique Mahanta

hails from Guwahati and currently

lives in Nagoya, Japan

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