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The Two Edged State - A mother in the Pandemic

Namrata Talukdar

The angry screams, alike the tornado coming in strong

They vouch for the year, the worst hour felt and seen

The dreams been crushed, irks them more

The ghastly tempest is out to rip the soul from the core

The advancing year, and with that the frowning crowd

The agenda is to beat all the calamities known.

Lo and behold! a life is breathing inside

A mother nurtures in fear, as they command the end

But the patter of tiny feet is yet to be heard

As she wails, "Oh ,Lord ,entreat you to be merciful to the unborn soul."

The earth is shattering to the violence

To the wrath of the unseen agent befall

The fuming mass declares war now.

Painful it is when the best of your time,

Seems a conspicuous worst for all.

At length, came the day to rejoice

But the walls are tainted already

A new born embraced the essence of the land

Then arrives the windfall amidst the storm

His smile is more infectious, more than the fatal virus itself

That transferred the vibe from dim to clear

That alters the pessimism throughout

Amused with the game of the two edged player

The mist has cleared the row,

On resolved thoughts, only tender feelings of a devoted mother now

Encircles her beaming face and brow.



Namrata Talukdar

works as Soft Skills Faculty at Down Town University

and lives in Guwahati

[Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in our Blog are those of the author(s) / poet(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Publisher.]


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