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This Time

Anjali Saud Dutta

Photo: Amit Vishwakarma

"Life is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury 

signifying nothing."

Yes, now it becomes so, 

Unprepared and unexpectedly


Helpless world becomes victim of time. 

And makes it a deathtrap.

Oh, Macbeth,

You were racked with 'guilt and paranoia'

But now

What is the guilt of the Saviours?

That meet their fate feeling

So idiotic!



Are you 'out of joint' now?

I scare to hear the number.

The toll is mounting uncontrollably

Minute by minute.

Having everything we have nothing today.

And become a doll in the hands of you. 

O Time!

How long will you enjoy our desperate plight?

Do not be so cruel

And do not make life

More of an 'idiot's tale'.


Be calm 

And be a healer.

Forgiving mankind's ignorance. 

Now awaiting a glimmer of hope

Of survival 

And to regain the lost momentum.


Poet Anjali Saud Dutta

teaches English at

Sonari Commerce College

[Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in our Blog are those of the author(s) / poet(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Publisher.]


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