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You better make it work

Baret Magarian

Mix petrol and water, concoct a new cocktail

teach blood and stones to fuse together

you’d better make them tame

you’d better make it work

turn heat to ice, domes to towers

you’d better make it work

because what’s coming will be worse

without rhyme or reason

heart or stealth

just the debris the dregs the cigar butts

made to seem a mosaic of wealth

yet no one can deny that embers are dying or dead, refuse is filth

you better make it work old boy, squadron leader, guitar hero, preacher

you better make a language out of squalor and beauty

greed and sweetness, the infiniteness of things being various

you better forge a new precious metal in the mine of this mess of the world

because what’s coming is worse

and will be framed all around

by the funeral hearse

you’d better make it work


Baret Magarian began his career as a freelance journalist, writing reviews and features forThe Times, The Guardian, The Independent, The ObserverandThe New Statesman. He has subsequently written articles for World Literature Today, Political CritiqueandThe Florentine. His first novel The Fabrications was hailed as a novel of considerable daring and originality by The Times Literary Supplement, Kirkus Reviews, The Seattle Book Review and others, and his collection of short fiction Melting Point was praised by The Dublin Review of Books for its power and audacity.

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