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Eighth day of the third month every year…

Sushmita Baruah

(Photo: Chelsi Peter)

To sound the least preachy I am neither advocating feminism here nor promoting ideologies aiming at women’s liberation and I do not need a calendar day to recognise and uphold the power of women.

In spite of its age old significance it still is rhetoric of how women should fight for their rights and how they are faring in this fiercely competition and in a bid to prove ourselves we are getting trapped in this gender battle struggling to prove our worth in the society, in the workplace and even at home. We are so deeply entwined in the social fabric that we somehow struggle to prove ourselves every time of our equality until deemed fit to be a women strong enough to be surviving in a man’s world (Or whatever connotation you may derive)!

Empowerment can come with one’s ability to move things around with determination and conviction and not by expecting our laws to work out miracles for us, by accepting reservations we are giving in to an easy defeat after all who are we competing with? A so called male dominating society is the most overrated phrase! Why do we need reservation, separate set of women’s right we can definitely do well with human rights.

It’s not a smooth climb up that ladder take a step at a time, It takes a good manager to manage the home front assuming too many roles in the capacity of one, It takes dexterity to master that art and making it your forte be it cooking, planting, teaching, treating, serving, caring, et al. Listen to what your calling is and respond with due diligence and honesty, grow if you must with integrity

Know your limits but do not limit them further, do not suppress your emotions let off the sparks, do not give in to what you think is unjust, be defiant! Live your life with passion ,chase your dreams with grit explore the road less traversed, challenge the unchangeable, strive to do the impossible ,tackle intimidation, handle rejection ,repent when you need to ,cry when you have to ,learn from mistakes, make every moment an experience ,do not set an example try and be one!

Grow every day, make time for yourself, and find happiness within, you are responsible for your own peace. Say no to nonsense, Have the nerve to be intolerant when you want to, have a free mind to set off when you need to, don’t be the burning candle instead be the blazing light!

Nurture the little girl in you, adorn the woman in you. Say no to stereotypes!! Abandon clichés’

For most of us the labels do not appeal as much as the intellect does, we couldn’t care less about that flaky look and the plastic smile as much as we do about our indomitable spirit, there Is life beyond matching lipstick colours and smudge free mascara, do not give yourself up to be dragged into the quagmire of pseudo ism where you end up living someone’s else’s life, do not fit in when you were meant to stand out .Be your own original without having to be someone else’s clone and all in poor taste.

Speak your mind and let your actions follow. To hell with the dichotomy of inner and outer beauty it is a passé just well-articulated answers in beauty pageants …Beauty is but a state of mind, Care about charity do not be an exhibitionist while practising, want to be compassionate do it in silence . Want approvals, be your own judge! Set your own benchmarks, evaluate yourself, and be your own critic Indulge in engaging conversations then discussing infidelity and adultery or hundreds of the run of the mills stories.

Epitomise the values if you have held on to them this far, if you are in the game play with finesse, If you play foul have the courage to face retribution, Should you want to devote yourself to a person, career or even your country do it with ardour. Want to educate others share your experience however small it may be, your mistake could be a rewarding lesson for someone. Rise above the mundane, there are promising sunrises ahead as much as there were brighter moons forgone. Build up your prowess, Go the whole nine yards, stick up your heels do not care much about walking a fine line!

To achieve is to go all out do not lean back when you can lean in. Do not look for empowerment …rise and personify!

More power to each one of you not just on this day but every day …every minute!


Sushmita Baruah

is a working professional in the IT Industry hailing from Guwahati and is

passionate about travelling, writing and chasing dreams.

[Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in our Blog are those of the author(s) / poet(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Publisher.]


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