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Restless Atoms of the Cosmos

Rupam Dutta

The universe is but a mirage

A puzzle, a mistake

Crafted by restless atoms of the cosmos

Weaving tales of twilight, of night and daybreak

Time, a creature both alluring and sly

Luring like sweet candy

Yet suffocating like quicksand

Here, our very essence dwindles

Like valiant warriors in a forgotten war

Distant gods, their silence echoing loud

As we grapple with our questions

Dark scales weigh in the obsidian night

Weighing things that flee the day

Echoes of past conversations, ancient and cold

Where tales dim and realities come to light

Gravity, potent and unwavering

Bares its teeth in relentless pull

Drawing spirits to the earth's core

A grip devoid of comfort, a relentless lull

Onward we wander, aimlessly

Paths shrouded in mystery

Time, the puppeteer, sets its trap

A web of queries, a labyrinth of memories

The end arrives not with a thunderous roar

But in a fleeting, subtle and unbound

A passing glance between transient souls

Amidst fleeting instants, the universe's sigh

A muted conclusion beneath the endless sky

No grandeur, no spectacle

Just a somber finale asking –

Where does it all begin?



Rupam Dutta

is a poet and scriptwriter, hailing from Dibrugarh and currently residing in Guwahati. His portfolio encompasses numerous screenplays for Assamese TV series and short films, including the screenplay for the 2012 Assamese film 'Rowd,'. A recent highlight is his short film 'My Brother Dipu,' directed by Ryan Mehran, which received official selections at the NAFCo Film Festival Series (USA, 2020), and the Lift-Off Sessions (UK, 2020). His published works include the poetry collections 'Pragmatic Mirages' and 'Blank Pages,' while his upcoming projects involve the poetry collection 'Bits and Pieces' and his debut novel, 'The Chaos Theory'.

[Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in our Blog are those of the author(s) / poet(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Publisher.]


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