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Navanita Medhi

I have grown up looking at your beauty -

the majestic way, how you move.

When I could not walk

I saw you

from the cosy lap 

of my father

and now

I walk besides you.

You are flowing since the time -

we do not know when.

I have seen you

in the foggy mornings,

in the hot summers,

in the misty evening.

Each time 

you bear a different look -


you are our very own


The dignified way

how you move

from the east to the west

we are just in love with you.

When you are in spate

it seems you are angry


the smooth ride makes us feel

you are cool.

Continuously you are

in your journey.

Sometimes may be

you are happy


sometimes sad -

yet you are lively,

never stopping for rest.

You are flowing with the waters -

in your bosom

carrying the history 

of the men on the banks.



Poet Navanita Medhi

teaches political science and is a contest winner

organised by the Asom Lekhika Samaroh Samiti

way back in 1992. She lives in Guwahati.

[ Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in our Blog are those of the author(s) / poet(s) and do not

necessarily reflect the opinions of the Publisher. ]


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