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Prism amidst all Khans

Gitanjali Roy

That body is just a dust.

The soul roaming on earth

Is free elemental and pure?


The panch tatwa

May be atomically rich

But what about the

Elemental love?

Is not it more atomically pure

Than panch tatwa?

That has existence



Beyond existence

Thus more pure, purer........

You wanna go to

the synagogue of crop.

I wanna go on the other hand

to the synagogue of heart.

You wanna praise

the humbling silence.

That deafens me instead.....

I wanna be silent

when the roaring crowd

claps for the departing soul.

You praise the Zion of water bead?

Oh the ants are a bead for me

Cause when the excess water oozed out of the grave

the atoms had a thirst for the bloody passion.

I wanna pray like the shadow of a sound

Because that sound reaches me throw Twitter Facebook and Insta.

Those wanna be stationed in the least valley

Wearing Hamlet's black sackcloth

For beyond 100 days.


I wanna practice the blaspheme

Writing an elegy in your name.

I wanna feel those hot breath on screen

When the fog freezes to deny the death

Of that roohdar soul, of the dead

Robed with London's daughter of the fire, now.....

I deny not to mourn against the written elegy.

Dear Dylan,

we are envious

For you are dinning with the Khan

While we are still mourning for that's done!

The lunchbox in hand

Waiting for the letter,

Looking at the jungle

Waiting for the Pi of hope,

Blood in hand

Waiting for Haider to hug back,

Ask the protruding eyes

To just have a romantic date

With the Satan of the Heaven....

And you would justify, even that onscreen.


He indeed did prove-

Let him reign on screen, if slave be mine address in thy heart of Heaven!

The man of 6 feet

Is smaller than life

Because he reigns like

A prism amidst all Khans.....

{Note:- There is intertextual reference to Dylan Thomas’ Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Fire, of

a Child in London (1914-53).}



Poet Gitanjali Roy

works as Asstt. Professor, English Dept., ICFAI University,

Tripura and is pursuing her PhD on Digital Literature.

[Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in our Blog are those of the author(s) / poet(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Publisher.]


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