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The taste of mindfulness

It was on a Saturday afternoon, in the month of September in 2019, when for the first time after my arrival here, we planned for an outdoor to just have a walk around in the Nagoya city streets. The weather was mild, warm and sunny and I can still recall the autumn freshness in the air. Much like any other city in the developed world, life in Nagoya is also fast-paced. People can be seen hurrying across somewhat crowded streets. Amidst these busy streets, I was overwhelmed at the sight of the elderly people roaming around so effortlessly.Some aged men and women were seen riding bicycles while some were seen shopping alone with just the support of the walkers.Being the weekend for many, the streets were too busy. So, it was the first time that day, I was to commute by a train in Japan. Being naïve with the rules and language, I was just silently following my husband right from getting tickets from the ticket counters t